The Final Meltdown

The Meltdown was the first event of its kind, it encouraged people to bring old iron and obsolete forgotten vehicles back into the spotlight, it was always focused on original historic cars and acknowledged the people who were there in the 60’s. 

The MDA took a break and while we have been away, we have noticed a few things.  Every track now has a version of the Meltdown copied in various degrees which is an amazing feeling; to be copied is the highest form of flattery. 

The Meltdown’s entire reason for existing was to find, pull out, and show these cars from a forgotten point in time.  We did that!  Not only did that happen, it encouraged many to build cars, make new friends, and learn about the hobby. It encouraged entire clubs and groups to be born and really pushed 60’s drag cars from a niche to mainstream.  

From some recent conversations we can see that things have moved much further away overall from Vintage and into Nostalgia….which is what Hot Rodding does….it moves and flows nothing stays the same, much like 60’s drag racing that flowed into new technology, new classes and new equipment.  Nothing stays the same. 

We are sad to announce that we do not want to attempt the impossible and try to pull things back to where they were 3-4 years ago, we do not wish to upset our friends, and loyal fans who may have changed their vehicles to a point they no longer fit the criteria.    

For this reason we will be cancelling the FINAL MELTDOWN in August of 2022. 

Our apologies go out to you and your families.  We want the Meltdown to remain in your memories as what it is…..was…..  and always will be….the fire that ignited Vintage drag racing in the United States. 

We feel the time is not right for Meltdown.  

The future may bring a Meltdown Re-union event, only time will tell.

The MDA will see you at events, car shows, and swap meets! 

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