The Annual World Series of Drag Racing – Canceled by the State of Illinois

August 28 – 29 2020 Cordova, Illinois

Words and photos by Dennis Mothershed

This being the longest-running Drag Racing event in America, having been canceled because of Covid 19 concerns with massive crowds at the event, track management decided to have a bracket race without spectators instead. The Victory Nostalgia Super Stock Series had been invited to participate in the World Series so we decided to show up anyway for the door car bracket race. We had about 30 plus cars show up for the event. It is always a pleasure to race at Cordova. At the end of the day, Kevin Miller was the guy in the Winners circle. After his win at Cordova, he went on a winner’s dream come true. Kevin won the last Victory NSS race of the year in St. Louis, the NMCA Nostalgia Super Stock race at the same track a week later, and went on the NMCA Nostalgia Super Stock class race at Indianapolis two weeks later. Kevin Miller was declared the Victory NSS racer of the year for 2020. A big congratulation goes out to Kevin and his wife Rita Miller.




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