I Got My Shots

By Eddie Buck

“I got my shots…. now, I am like the neighbor’s dog”.

That’s what I told my grandson yesterday morning ( Easter) .  It was the first time in a year, I was able to sit and have breakfast with my daughter and family, since the pandemic appeared. Holiday breakfasts became the tradition, after my divorce, some 20 years ago. I figured I get my kids first and until they had to leave to go to plans with their mom’s family.  More importantly, I was able to hold my granddaughter for the first time since she was born. I look forward to soon being able to sit at breakfasts with my car cronies all around the country. It will be a welcome change, from how the last year has held us all hostage. I know a number of people who brazenly have laughed in the face of mandates and rules. Maybe as a show of rebellion… maybe out of ignorance. Who knows why, all I can come up with, is the results of the discord has left many stressed and in a place that isn’t too happy. I’d like to think we were over-reacting, but did it for the sake of “what if” . I will admit, some folks I know, have mellowed out a bit. One of my more “agitated” friends,actually posted a meme the other day, which kind of took the edge off the subject. I thought it was pretty damned clever.

“As for the virus, it doesn’t really warrant naming it after where it came from. Your mom was created in the backseat of a Buick, but they call her Linda.”

That is about the extent of my politics at the moment. I’m glad I only lost a few friends, instead of many whom have been attributed to the virus. Enough of that monologue. I have been watching a fair amount of YouTube lately. Most of it is car related. Metal shaping videos ( I need to learn how to use all the tools I have ), blacksmithing ( built a forge ), Roadster Shop has been putting out some pretty impressive chassis’ ,  I am hooked on this one called Matt’s Off-Road Recovery. This guy has a towing company and does off road rescues with a Jeep Cherokee. He puts out a new video every few days and they are addictive. I have a customer/dad who drops his kids off at the day care next door. He pops in to see what we have going on, always telling me we need to do a YouTube channel. I laughed at him and told him, “No one wants to see what we do. If they do, they need to get a hobby.”    Well…. he’s talked me into it, my boys have too.  They used me as an example, of how all kinds of “old dudes” are watching homemade videos.   Okay, convinced.  We are getting our ducks in a row and hope to have it up and running soon.

Here’s a shout out to Matt Nausin. He keeps on me about putting out another column. Been really busy, but, I guess I have a fan!  HAHAHAHA!
I’ve been watching a lot of people, who for whatever reasons, selling their projects… or testing the waters to see what they are worth. I was discussing the Hanna Collection auction with a friend, who is pretty knowledgeable about what these things are worth. It seems, we are starting to maybe witness a down-cycle in the prices these things are going for. Hopefully, it isn’t a permanent thing.  The sad fact is, a lot of these machines are not as desirable to the younger set, as they are, say to my generation. At 57, I remember seeing the winding down of the front engine dragsters and the onset of rear engines. Our clique is getting smaller, seemingly every day. I know a few guys, with some desirable cars, not even able to attract attention . Some I have seen starting prices of well over 150 grand, ultimately selling for far less than 30% of the asking price. I never had much use for people who buy to sell, build to profit, etc.  I also have seen far too many who “buy in”, because it was the “in thing” and lost interest and much of their investment. Kind of like the weekend bikers, who sell after a few months, because all their buddies lost interest, leaving them no one to ride with. Hell, I buy things like that to get away from people. If I wanted something to be part of a crowd… I’d get a pontoon boat. It seems everyone I know, who has one, are never left alone!   My personal yard stick, ( opinion ), is do you get these things to impress, be part of the crowd or as a badge?  Or, do you have it because it is a part of your fabric, ingrained in your soul, with no regard for what anyone else thinks? If that is the case… then you are a true devotee. I won’t deny my family anything because of my automotive habit. But, I have no regrets, squirreling away a few bucks at a time to get that rare piece. No one else can fathom why I would want an old piece of junk, unless they get excited when they find out I did.

Some people collect coins… as a matter of fact I do too… until I can trade them for a piece of magnesium… a belt sander… an injector… a Mr. Ed… lol collecting money is silly. You should spend it on old dragster parts!  It’s a bummer when you have to wait to get them finished. But, look at it this way, you have something hardly anyone else does. The last year has been fraught with sketchy times, lack of dough, too much work, or a million other reasons they aren’t getting done as fast as we’d like. In some cases, it’s been due to attaching to the wrong folks. As I said before, there’s a lot of “old-timers” out there, who lived and breathed this, who are dying to help. Maybe the parts aren’t coming as easy as thought. One thing to keep in mind… it’s in YOUR garage! If you didn’t have it, then you’d wish you did.  Take a deep breath, we’ll all be back out there soon enough and these things will get finished. We’ll be back at events and hope like hell everyone else will too!

I’ll have two eggs, wheat pancakes and some good strong coffee.  Tip the server…

Later dates!


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