Nimrod Motorsports acquires turnkey big show funny car


For many, drag racing is considered an American tradition.  Many have grown up on the sport and it is something that is passed from generation to generation.  That is why it is not uncommon to see multiple generations at the track taking in this American past time.  This is the case for the Nimrod Motorsports team of Joe and Joey Haas. The Haas name should be familiar to anyone who keeps up with drag racing regularly.  Both have earned their share of press and attention through their driving exploits.  Joe has been a veteran driver, mainly wheeling nostalgia rides for such owners as Justin Grant, Frank Ousley, Tom Motry, and John Lawson.  In fact, Joe remains the current AA/FA ET record holder with a 5.286.  Joey who has helped turn the wrenches on all these rides as well as others has also been behind the wheel of his own blown alcohol Nimrod funny car and altered, while recently cutting his teeth in both ends of top fuel.  In 2019 Joey began wheeling the Stephen McClain front engine-slingshot and last year made his debut in Terry Totten’s big show Top Fueler at the prestigious US Nationals.  Joey later competed in the Dallas national event where in the first round he left on top fuel legend Tony Schumacher, and though Schumacher beat him to the finish line, Joey made his first pass in excess of 300 miles per hour. 

Not content just to drive for others patriarch Joe sought to own his own ride with his son. That is why when an opportunity to acquire a big show funny car presented itself this past summer the two could not pass it up.  The purchase was made, and steady work has begun with progress towards completion of the multi-purpose ride set for late April and testing scheduled for May.  Plans call for a focus on match racing, but they are also entertaining the idea of competing in Funny Car Chaos events.   As far as driving, Joe and Joey will be sharing driving duties, with Joey getting behind the wheel when he is not out tackling the world of Top Fuel.

 So, what type of funny car are we talking about here? First of all, this is a big show caliber fuel coupe with fuel and fire coming from a big pump and dual mags ensuring plenty of flames, low ETs, and near 300 miles per hour speeds.  And as far as the appearance, the car is going to have two different bodies depending on the event.  For match racing, the big show engine package will be draped with a nostalgic 57 Chevy funny car body.  That on its own would make it a crowd favorite, but fans are also sure to gravitate towards the car’s patriotic theme. The car will be known as the American Way and is a tribute to earned freedom.  Haas gives thanks to Lawson Family Racing for giving him permission to use this theme as it was the same design that was to don the former Quickdraw Camaro funny car that was lost in the devastating Lawson shop fire. 

The second body is a 2004 Camaro and will be used in competition events while running the family Nimrod livery that was seen on their previous Mustang funny car and altered.

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As with anything in drag racing, this is a combined effort from many and would not be possible without Scott Shear calling the shots as the crew chief and help from Pete Dove, Tim Wilkerson, Joe Pryor, Jared Lawrence, and of course Joe’s wife Charli Haas and Joey’s wife Elizabeth Haas for making this dream a reality!

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