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By Bret Kepner

Of more than four thousand attended, this was one of my Top Five Favorite Events. It originally started out as the one-day National Chrysler Conventional with three booked-in feature cars: Golden and the “Little Red Wagon” and Sox with the SS/A ’68 ‘Cuda show.

Over a period of six weeks, Broadway lost his mind and it morphed into the two-day Summer Soectacular event with over SIXTY BOOKED-IN CARS including twelve fuel cars and Beswick’s psuedo-resto carbureted, four-speed Tempest to match race Sox. The two ended up racing twelve times over two days, each race both cars in the 9.90s. We simply could not get them to stop racing.

Although we had pre-race parades on both days, this appears to be from Sunday based on the position of the sun. There are no words to describe the event. I know Mark Bruederle, Jon Hoffman and Mike Panek consider it among their all-time favorites, as well. The place was packed to the gills each day.

NOSTALGIA DRAG WORLD – By Bret Kepner; Cover photo by Dan Ricks


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