By Bob Cook

What’s Bob Cook cooking up? Fast food. Take one look at his menu and you’ll start salivating. He started with a modified ’57 Corvette and spiced it up with chrome. The shine is delicious on the straight axle, parallel leaf spring and steering. The ladder bars and a 9” Ford with 4.11 gears and Strange Axles are about what you’d expect when trying to keep a 454 Big Block Chevy from sliding off the plate.

Yeah, he spices the Chevy up with Gellner Engineering’s Iron block, Trick Flow heads and a cast Dyers 671 blower topped off with Hilborn injection that gulps down methanol like it was a cold beer on a hot day. Fries? Yeah he fries the Mickey Thompsons when he turns the heat up to 1,400 horsepower. When the Thompsons are smoking, you know this silver ‘Vette is ready to delight the fans and put fear into wannabe power chefs.

This is a family affair with my wife Pam Cook backing me up and my brother in law Paul Lepri as my crew chief.

How good can it get? How about a mouth watering 7.90 ET at 165 MPH? Hungry for some delectable nostalgia drag racing? Look for Bob Cook. He’ll be the one cooking up some very fast food.