CLIX w/ Michael Kayden Sopko

The reason why I love this picture so much is because I love taking crash pictures, but when I took this one, I jumped in the air and yelled ‘I GOT IT! I GOT IT! ‘’ Then people started to crowd around me to see the picture. I tried to push some people away so I can show my dad (who was taking pictures on the track). To get his attention I yelled ‘’ DAD, I GOT IT!’’ several times until I got his attention. When my dad looked at the picture his eyes spread wide open and said, “Very good shot BUD, very good!”

What was even cooler about this picture is that I almost missed it. It was Drastic Plastic vs Moonshine Express. I wanted to get Moonshine Express because he has big flames. So, the green light flashed, and I got pictures of Moonshine Express and while doing that I thought, “Where is Drastic Plastic?” I look over at Drastic Plastic and I hear a big crash. So, I flip over to Drastic Plastic and take as much pictures as possible. So, I look at my pictures and I see this picture.